Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Php 729 is the cheapest plane fare you can book

Air Asia Promo Fare: "Experience the Philippines" is the new slogan released by the Department of Tourism, though, controversial with the release of their official tv ad campaign, it still retained its old slogan, It's More Fun in the Philippines. The slogan is targeted directly to foreign tourist but it's not limited to just them. Local tourist can definitely still be called to enjoy the Philippines especially the very amazing and beautiful destinations, the country could offer. For those coming from Cebu, they can certainly book a flight for as low as Php 899 All-in, one-way fare to Kalibo, Davao, Singapore and a lot more.

Please note that there could be some charges for the service, web admin, booking fee, and other taxes that is mandatory. But wait, there's more! A trip from Davao to Cebu will only cost you Php 729. And the next cheapest fight is to Kalibo (Boracay) for only Php 1299. The rest of the promo flights are shown below.

Those coming form Kalibo going to Manila may enjoy a cheaper fare of Php 954. While a trip to Clark (Pampanga) will cost you Php 1099. If bound for Davao, you might need to purchase the plane ticket at Php 1299.  See below.

For Manilenos, it is still cheaper to visit Boracay via Kalibo at Php 1139. But if you prefer via Caticlan, it's a bit pricey to Php 1599. The next domestic destination you might consider would be a visit to Puerto Princesa (Palawan). The Underground River is in that place! Ticket price is at Php 1329.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Php 17 Air Asia Promo Fare

Air Asia Promo Fare: How do you feel if you have the freedom to fly? How much more if you are free and the plane ticket fares are also very affordable like for as low as Php 17? Take note of some select destinations where you can avail the promo. You have until June 18, 2017 to purchase the tickets. Travel period is definitely extended to January 14, 2018 so you have an ample time to plan for a trip. You can have the chance to book a ticket at less than Php 20 for routes from Kalibo to Cebu, Clark, Davao, Manila and Shanghai or Manila to Puerto Princesa,  Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and many more destinations. Book your tickets here.

Your freedom to fly is also extended to other routes for as low s Php 317 all-in one way fare to. These destinations are from Cebu to  Clark, Davao, Singapore and etc.

Booking Period: June 9- June 18, 2017

Travel Period: June 9, 2017- January 14, 2018

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Red Hot Sale On Going until June 11, 2017

Red Hot Sale 2017: Gone are the days when you have to wait at a time to book a plane ticket that is just too expensive to get. However, with the presence of a number of low cost airlines like AirAsia, we can now purchase cheap tickets to some of our desired destinations. With this current Red Hot Sale, expect low fares for a 2018 travel period. The cheapest you can get this time is at Php 317 all-in one way fare. That's flying from Cebu to destinations like Davao, Puerto Princesa (Palawan) and a lot more.

Enjoy booking your tickets until June 11, 2017. The 24-hour booking priority for AIRASIA BIG Members is over. So you can go ahead to AirAsia's website any time within the booking period to purchase your plane tickets. Travel period of this Red Hot Sale is from January 15, 2018 to August 28, 2018. 

Now let us check the cheapest fares that you can get.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

RED HOT SALE from AirAsia

Red Hot Sale 2017: Be ready for this newest announcement from AirAsia! Head to AirAsia's website on June 5, 2017 (at 12 midnight) and take part of their Red Hot Sale! But not just that, those AirAsia BIG Members will be given a booking priority for 24 hours! So you have take advantage of that being a member. Travel period will be for next year, 2018. Specifically from January 15, 2018 to August 28, 2018. There are about 3 Million promo seats up for grabs so be stay tuned and make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection on the day! If you're not an AirAsia BIG member, yet, will give you the link below.

Do you have any idea on how cheap the tickets are? Will give you some sneak peeks of the fares that you might be interested to book. And we are very sure you will get stunned with how low the fares are especially domestic flights. Are you ready? Let's check!

Monday, May 22, 2017

One Way Fare Promo of Php 58 only!!!

Air Asia Promo Fare: Summer is here to stay so grab our low fares and book your summer getaways! Book now for as low as Php 1,288 ALL-IN ONE WAY FARE! Fly from Cebu to Kalibo, Davao, Puerto Princesa, Singapore and many more destinations. And another revealing promo fare from Kalibo, for as low as Php 58 ALL-IN ONE WAY FARE, you can select your destination to be Shanghai, Cebu, Clark, or Davao. When you are coming from Manila, you can book a plane ticket going to Tagbilaran, Caticlan, Macau, Korea and etc. with the same ticket price! Isn't it that amazing? 

Booking Period: May 22-June 4, 2017
Travel Period: May 23- November 30, 2017 Travel Period (Manila-Caticlan/Cebu-Caticlan/Davao-Caticlan): May 23-June 18, 2017
Travel Period (Cebu-Kalibo/Davao-Kalibo): June 19-November 30, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Php 499 Fares from 2017 to 2018

Air Asia Promos: The rainy season is been quite felt in some parts of the Philippines as it starts to poke with scattered rain showers over the archipelago but that doesn't mean that summer in the this tropical country is over. AirAsia is still giving us a chance to experience the many tourist spots we have in the country. With this promo of Php 499 and a holiday deal up to 50% Off, that's already a huge savings when purchasing our plane ticket.


One can now fly to KALIBO from CEBU and DAVAO and have an awesome summer! Or from Manila to Kalibo, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei plus many more destinations! Let us check other destinations with their corresponding fares at the moment.

Friday, May 19, 2017

50% Discount with Air Asia

Air Asia Promos: Up to 50% off for Pick A Seat when you book your flight now! Only Air Asia is offering such discount. Book until May 21, 2017 to avail such discount. Of course, mind the travel period that is set on September 5, 2017 to February 8, 2018. So what are you waiting for? Purchase your tickets now and don't forget to pick a seat.

 Things to take note about this promo:

*Advance booking is required.
*Discount is not applicable during peak periods.
*Discount is not applicable to Premium Flex and Value Pack.
*Discount is only available to some select fare classes.
*Discount is applicable only to base fares.

What’s the promo all about?